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Smile Design

This patient presented wishing to improve the appearance of the crowns on her upper front teeth. She had had these crowns for approximately 6 years but had been unhappy with the colour of the teeth. She also wanted her teeth to be a bit longer and follow the curvature of her lower lip as per contemporary smile design suggests. Finally, she felt that her current crowns were too thick and rounded.

The patient had congenitally missing upper lateral incisors so the challenge was to try and make her canine teeth look like lateral incisors, and her first premolars to look like canines.

James performed some crown lengthening surgery on the upper first premolar teeth to make the gums more closely represent the gums around canine teeth. The old crowns were removed and replaced with prototype crowns. These were left on for 20 weeks during which time, the patient was able to suggest any changes she wanted with the teeth.

Once we were happy the patient went to meet our dental technicians to discuss the new colour of the teeth and the final crowns were produced. James was not happy with the first set of final crowns as they did not truly copy our prototypes so these were remade. The final crowns were an excellent replica of the prototypes we had worked on and we subsequently fitted them.

Before Treatment
edges of upper front teeth not following lower lip line
edges of upper front teeth not following lower lip line
Diagnostic Work
in mouth mock up of possible final result
prototype crowns have been lengthened at patient's request
Prototype crowns fitted
Final Crowns
Final crowns with better shape, colour and following lower lip line
Final new porcelain crowns
side view of final porcelain crowns
Final porcelain crowns

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