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Implant & Crowns

This patient joined our practice a few years ago complaining of 2 loose upper incisor teeth. Unfortunately, she was suffering from severe gum disease that had not been diagnosed.

Her initial treatment consisted of extracting the loose upper left central & lateral incisors and the fitting of a temporary denture. The patient then underwent an initial course of periodontal treatment with James followed by a referral to a periodontal specialist (Will McLaughlin in Cardiff) for a second opinion.

The specialist advised a second course of periodontal treatment in conjunction with antibiotic treatment to help bring the gum disease under control. This second treatment, along with the patient’s meticulous daily oral hygiene routine and regular visits to our hygienist Carrie resulted in the stabilisation of her gum disease.

Before Treatment

This is the patient having completed her gum treatment. At this stage she was wearing a removable plastic denture to replace the 2 missing incisors but she was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth and wanted to have fixed replacement teeth. As you can see, the other 2 incisors have moved due to the gum disease which created gaps between them.

After a discussion and some diagnostic work we decided to extract the other 2 incisors in favour of replacing the front 4 incisors with dental implants.


Having extracted the other 2 incisors & following a period of healing, 2 dental implants were placed. Once these had integrated a prototype 4 tooth bridge was fitted to them and her upper right canine tooth was crowned to help to close the gap.

The prototypes were worn for many months to give the patient the opportunity to appraise the appearance and function of the prototypes. Once we were both happy with the appearance and function her upper left canine tooth was prepared for a veneer and then final impressions were taken to produce the ceramic implant teeth and crowns and veneer.


Here are some images of the final porcelain implant teeth and crown and veneer on the canines.

Zoomed in final

Final- Close up

These are some close up pictures of the teeth. The patient visited our dental technicians at CBC dental laboratory in Thornbury to enable them produce these exquisite porcelain teeth.

Final Close Up
Final Side Close Up
Before & After

The patient was delighted with her finished teeth!


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