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Service:Cost £:
Clinical Examination £42.00
New Patient Examination£60.00 + X-rays as required
Scale & Polish (Hygienist)£42.00
Two Films£16.00
Three Films£28.00
Four Films£50.00
Four films or more£50.00
Composite Filling - Small£106.00
Composite Filling - Medium£119.00
Composite Filling - Large£128.00
Root Filling - Incisor/Canine£330.00
Root Filling - Premolar (includes large filling as required)£382.00
Root Filling - Molar (includes large filling as required)£502.00
Other Treatments
Porcelain Veneers£546.00
Jacket Crown - Porcelain (E Max)£668.00
Bonded Crown£546.00
Bridge - Retainer - Per Unit£546.00
Intravenous Sedation£199.00
Extractions from:£95.00
Full upper Denture - Chrome Cobalt£828.00
Partial Denture - Chrome Cobalt (1-3 teeth)£828.00
Partial Denture - Chrome Cobalt (4-8 teeth)£828.00
Full Upper Denture - Acrylic£570.00
Partial Denture - Acrylic (4-8 teeth)£570.00
Full Teeth Whitening£325.00
Dental Implants
Dental Implant Consultation£60 + X-rays as required
Dental Implant to replace a back tooth (includes implant & final crown)£2625.00
Dental Implant to replace a front tooth (includes implant & final crown)£2940.00
Lower implant retained overdenture (on 2 locators)£4410.00
Invisalign Orthodontics
Invisalign Adult (upper & lower teeth, includes tooth whitening)£3780.00
Anti Wrinkle Treatment
Botulinum Toxin Initial Consultation £65.00
20min Treatment
1 Area
£192.00 (Less initial consultation)
20min Treatment
2 Areas
£230.00 (Less initial consultation)
20min Treatment
3 Areas
£290.00 (Less initial consultation)

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