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Dental Implant – Central Incisor

This is an example of an implant crown that was completed in February 2015. The patient previously had to wear a plastic partial denture after the original tooth had to be extracted. She disliked wearing a denture as it did not feel secure and she was unable to enjoy eating certain foods. She also disliked the feeling of having plastic covering the roof of her mouth and the fact that it had to be taken out at night time.   Following a detailed examination the patient was deemed to be a good candidate for using a dental implant to replace her missing central incisor. However, there was a deficiency in the bone available for an implant. A straumann Dental implant was placed along with a large bone augmentation using Bio-oss (an artificial bone substitute).   A temporary bridge was made for the patient so that she wouldn’t have to wear a denture anymore. Following 12 weeks of healing, the temporary bridge was removed and a prototype crown was fitted. This remained in place for 3-4 months to enable the gums to heal to form a pleasing contour. The prototype was then removed and the final porcelain crown was made and fitted to the implant. The final result was very natural looking and the patient was very pleased.

Missing tooth

Missing tooth after prototype removed

Central incisor

Implant crown

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